Heather Mac Rae - Hair

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Heather MacRae and Oatis Stephens from Look Magazine - February 24, 1970. Caption reads: "Heather MacRae and Oatis Stephens visit Put-On, a favorite Manhattan boutique. These former stars of the Broadway hit Hair are now parading campuses with a vocal group called the Peace Parade. Heather abandoned her bra for Hair, now wears clothes like this silk knit (Capezio, $100) without uptight underwear. The braless movement is picking up steam - a Village nightspot has advertised free admission on Sundays to dames without bras."

Heather and Otis

Heather MacRae and Oatis Stevens (Sheila and Berger) in Central Park at one of the early Hair birthday parties.

Heather and Otis

Heather on the David Frost Show from Steven McGraw on Vimeo.


Kenn Duncan

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